2016 Schedule of Sessions

Keynote with Mike Marotta
Oct 20 @ 8:00 am – 8:30 am

Join Mike Marotta for an energizing start to a day of learning!

Chrome as Assistive Technology
Oct 20 @ 8:40 am – 3:30 pm

Mike Marotta, ATP, RESNA Certified Assistive Technology Professional, Inclusive Technology Solutions, LLC

Come participate in a hands on full day Chrome learning experience. Whether you are a Chome novice or a seasoned Chrome user – there will be something for everyone. Chrome is the latest trend in Assistive Technology so come see what all the excitement is all about!

Participants will dive deep into the Google Apps for Education suite of tools as well as the built in accessibility features of Chromebooks. Learn about the Chromebook platform and experience an array of Google Chrome apps and extensions that could be beneficial to ALL students. By leveraging the power of this common browser, we can make significant customization to meet the needs of struggling students. Areas covered will include: reading, writing, brainstorming, and organization.

Keynote with Mike Marotta
Oct 21 @ 8:00 am – 8:30 am

Join Mike for an energizing kick off to the second day of AssisTechKnow!

Become a Connected Educator
Oct 21 @ 8:40 am – 11:20 am

Mike Marotta, ATP, RESNA Certified Assistive Technology Professional, Inclusive Technology Solutions, LLC

“Professional Development is the responsibility of the professional, not the institution.” This quote from Will Richardson (@willrich45) has never been more accurate. Social media has provided us with a dynamic range of options for learning and connecting with others. Edcamps and other participant driven PD opportunities give the power back to the learner. Gone are the days of a “lone wolf” AT provider – you now have opportunities to be connected to the world! Learn about ways to develop your PLN (professional learning network) through Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and especially Twitter. In 2016, PD really means “personal development.” Bring your device and be ready to get connected.

Access for ALL: AEM, OER and Digital Publishing Tools
Oct 21 @ 12:30 pm – 3:00 pm

Mike Marotta, ATP, RESNA Certified Assistive Technology Professional, Inclusive Technology Solutions, LLC

Mobile devices are everywhere! But…how do we leverage the power of these tools to provide access to print materials for struggling students? This session will focus on Accessible Educational Materials (AEM) including: What are they? How to find them? How to use them? Another facet of digital materials is the new push for Open Educational Resources (OER) in the classroom. In fact, the US Department of Education has launched an entire campaign to get school districts using OERs (#GoOpen). While greater access to materials is positive, what about the accessibility of these materials for students that use AT? We will explore this new world of OER and the interoperability with our AT tools.

Participants will also learn strategies and tools available to let educators create and deliver materials to students and adults – regardless of the devices they are using. Bring your own technology to the session to enhance your learning experience. Participants will have opportunities to utilize apps, software and cloud based creation tools to create personalized, accessible educational materials for use in the classroom (and beyond!). In addition, the facilitator will guide the participants through strategies to create and manage customized electronic materials. Throughout the session, presenter and participants will engage in discussion about the core UDL principles, their relation to mobile devices and digital materials and strategies for digital publishing.