2016 Schedule of Sessions

Too Young for Tech? These Tools May Change Your Mind!
Oct 20 @ 8:40 am – 10:10 am

Kindy Segovia, Assistive Technology Coordinator, Kent ISD

Young students need hands on learning, real life experience and interaction.  But they also want, and have much to gain from the use of technology.  Technology can help them expand their ability to follow their curiosity and acquire information, solve problems, communicate with others in a digital way, and become responsible digital citizens.  For young students at risk for delay, technology may be a part of a larger solution in the years ahead.

Join me to explore a toolbox of tech tools that will support your instruction, engage your students and connect your families to your classroom!  From engaging websites, digital storytelling tools, web organization, simple assessment and response systems, and yes, even apps – you will find something you can use with your young learners!

“Kahooting”, Puzzling, and Recapping
Oct 20 @ 10:20 am – 11:50 am

Rosanne Burden, Assistive Technology Specialist, Berrien RESA

There are a plethora of Web Tools to make teaching more individualized and fun for your students. Take a close look at EdPuzzle, Kahoot, and Recap with me and perhaps one will become your favorite, too!

Is anybody listening? Test and assignment reading accommodations that work.
Oct 21 @ 8:40 am – 11:20 am

Kit Hard, Instructional Technology and Professional Development Supervisor, Port Huron Area School District

Make your assessments and assignments more accessible to all with with audio recordings and QR codes!  If you’ve ever tried reading a test to 5 different students at the same time you know how ineffective this strategy can be. Learn how to quickly and easily record test questions or assignments and make them available to any student who would benefit from listening via QR codes.

This is intended to be a hands-on session. Participants are strongly encouraged to bring an internet connected device and a compatible microphone headset if possible.

Soar with Symbaloo
Oct 21 @ 12:30 pm – 3:00 pm

Leslie Edison, Elementary Instructor, Forest Hills Public Schools & Lisa Zuniga, Elementary Instructor, Forest Hills Public Schools

The Internet can be both our greatest resource, and our deepest curse. So much information, so fast! Where do you store it? How will you find it? Symbaloo is a tool to accomplish these goals, and to design them to specific needs. This visual bookmarking device can be a teacher’s webmix for one subject, a collaborative work for a team, an information guide to families, or a personal learning environment set up by students, and shared with their teachers.

Participants will learn what Symbaloo is, and how it works. Attendees will be given instructions to create their own Symbaloo accounts and webmixes, and be given time to experiment with special features. Finally, participants will be able to ask questions about further development of their webmixes, and be provided with a list of resources and tutorials to help them continue the process on their own.