Soar with Symbaloo

October 21, 2016 @ 12:30 pm – 3:00 pm

Leslie Edison, Elementary Instructor, Forest Hills Public Schools & Lisa Zuniga, Elementary Instructor, Forest Hills Public Schools

The Internet can be both our greatest resource, and our deepest curse. So much information, so fast! Where do you store it? How will you find it? Symbaloo is a tool to accomplish these goals, and to design them to specific needs. This visual bookmarking device can be a teacher’s webmix for one subject, a collaborative work for a team, an information guide to families, or a personal learning environment set up by students, and shared with their teachers.

Participants will learn what Symbaloo is, and how it works. Attendees will be given instructions to create their own Symbaloo accounts and webmixes, and be given time to experiment with special features. Finally, participants will be able to ask questions about further development of their webmixes, and be provided with a list of resources and tutorials to help them continue the process on their own.

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