Digital Access to Content – YES! But, Is It Accessible – YIKES!

October 21, 2016 @ 2:10 pm – 3:10 pm

Kindy Segovia, Assistive Technology Supervisor, Kent ISD & Maria Jimenez, Visually Impaired Services Supervisor, Kent ISD

The need for online access to learning material is at an all-time high.  Teachers are encouraging students and parents to access content and information online, and digital content allows for more accessibility for diverse students.  Or does it?  It’s possible that the very tools and learning systems being used to support your teaching might be jeopardizing some students’ access and success.  With recent lawsuits, it is more important than ever that online learning content be selected or designed for access by all.  Join us for some tips and strategies that will help you choose accessible resources, and tweek your own resources to maximize user options.

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